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Goodbye Bangkok, Hello NYC!

By May 06, 2014 , , ,

 Well folks, I'm finally heading back to NYC. Yep, my almost 6-month stay in Bangkok has come to an end. Crazy, right?! I know many people didn't think I was gonna come back. Certainly, life works in funny ways. I had only planned on coming to stay in Bangkok with my family for a couple months as part of my maternity leave after baby K was born. But as I've mentioned in an earlier post, it became a much longer stay. The unexpected turn of events that brought us to Bangkok was such a blessing because I got to enjoy this new phase of my life of being a mother and watching baby K grow and get pampered by his grandparents. In this time, I also got the opportunity to focus on myself and get back in shape post-pregnancy. I even managed to squeeze in a bit of travel around Thailand and Singapore. If you were following me on Instagram (hashtag #richainbkk), you know how much I was living it up!

So it's with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to my family because I enjoyed a wonderful past few months with them. On the flip side,  I'm excited to head back and catch up with friends and family in the US. I've been away for far too long! And the other half of Urban Mantra, Shruti, is very mad that I kept her nephew baby K away from her for this long. :)

So adieu Bangkok and hello again New York! Postings may be a bit infrequent as I settle back in after a long absence (though I'm always active on Instgram! Hehe!). So please bear with us and as always, thank you for reading Urban Mantra and following our travels!

A few highlights from my time in Asia (clockwise from top left): Enjoyed Thai food, hanging out with a 3-month old baby K, chilling beachside at Krabi, a visit to Uma Devi temple in Bangkok on Jan 1, tuktuk rides in Bangkok, all dressed in desi clothes for a pooja at home, shopping at colorful Haji Lane in Singapore, a tiger on my lap in Kanchanaburi (no big deal!), baby K and I at the Singapore Gardens by the Bay

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  1. Your time in Bangkok was so much fun, n i m glad we cud be a part of it thru Urban Mantra.
    Look forward to many more fun posts frm NYC.


  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love the photos :)

    Yasmeen x


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