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One Skirt, Two Ways

By May 04, 2014 , , , , ,

I'm not one who typically watches TV. I find it a waste of time. And after several months of being home and seeing my family watch hindi TV channels, I can honestly say that I like TV even less. Let's talk about the ridiculosity of hindi TV shows, shall we? I find them to be completely over the top and melodramatic! In hindi TV soaps, the relationship between a mother- and daughter-in-law (saas-bahu) is completely blown out of proportion with both sides plotting to sabotage one another. Actresses are packed with heavy makeup and jewelry, even in scenes where they're supposedly sleeping at night (I mean, who goes to bed with the full face of makeup, heavy jewelry, and a saree?). Many of the female roles are portrayed in a regressive manner, with heroines whiney and dependent on men. I've also been unfortunate enough to be subjected to a few viewings of a comedy show called Comedy Nights with Kapil. I don't even want to get started on how lame that show is. All I can say is, Sidhu has one sweet gig as the guest of honor on the show where he gets paid to just laugh at slapstick, silly humor. And lastly, hindi news channels could be taken more seriously if only they relied less on sensationalism and more on actual reporting of news. I may be a Bollywood fan but I have very little patience for the rubbish that makes it to the small screen. OK, I'll end my rant now. Let's talk about something else, something equally frivolous...my outfit! 

I bought this pencil skirt recently without thinking about how I'm probably one among masses of girls buying something floral for spring! Nevertheless, this skirt is very versatile and can be paired with different types of tops. Here, I decided to go with two different looks - one skirt, two slightly different ways. Which one do you prefer?
Express top (old), CC Double O floral skirt, Stradivarius pumps,
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Newbury tote
F21 top, H&M pumps, rest as above

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  1. I love both the looks ..cant really pick a fav.
    the skirt is gorgeous..its high time i buy a printed skirt for myself. Maybe in my nxt trip to US. ;)


  2. ha ha I agree with you on Hindi Channels! To be honest I actually find TV waste of time, I would rather read a good book or watch a good film.
    Love how you have styled the skirt and pop of pink is brilliant!


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