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2015: A Fresh Start for Me, A Fresh Start for the Blog

By January 08, 2015

At the bay front in Singapore
I stare blankly at my computer screen, bubbling with things to say yet not knowing what to talk about. Words and sentences form at the tip of my fingertips, then dissipate into the air as I struggle to pick up where I left off. It’s been more than 6 months since my last post and I very nearly waved my blog goodbye, just as I had bid goodbye to my old home and life in New York City. Sad as I felt to leave behind that concrete jungle, I was roaring with excitement to move halfway across the world to the Lion City. Singapore, as it’s also called, welcomed me warmly with its green urban landscape, constant state of sunshine, and island-like breeze. Amidst the unpacking of boxes and multiple trips to IKEA, getting the little kiddo settled into a new place, training a live-in helper/nanny, and starting a new job, a blog on my frivolous travel and fashion escapades fell on the wayside. Besides time, I fell short on motivation. Even reading other blogs and FOMO wasn’t enough to stir me out of my laziness. In a way, I needed this hiatus to highlight the fact that if I stopped blogging today, nothing would change. But what I would lose is my outlet for creativity. My husband has often said that my blog has made me more open to adventure, more reflective, and has given me the courage to share personal things on a very public platform.

So what happened? A flash of inspiration and a few words of encouragement came my way and voila! I regained the urge to get back on the blogger bandwagon. Now I’m ready to start fresh. I’m not much of a resolution-maker but I do like to map out goals and plans when a new year starts. Among them is getting back to Urban Mantra. As I pen down my thoughts and experiences of living in a new country, share my travel adventures and personal style, I do hope you’ll join me on this ride!

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  1. I love the new layout of ur blog.
    N m glad u r back.


  2. i Love the new look of your blog. awesome!!!


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