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10 Things That Make Me Happy

By January 11, 2015 , , , , , ,

It seems like, all too often, people focus on the negative things happening in their lives. Whether it’s bad traffic, a missed promotion at work, a relationship gone sour, or blaming ourselves for something beyond our control, we have a tendency to take the good apples in the barrel for granted and complain about that one bad apple. This affliction is endemic even in our society. The news always casts a greater spotlight on the shocking, sensational stories. Be it the crashing stock market, a hero’s fall from grace, violent crimes, or celebrity breakups, we can’t seem to escape the barrage of depressing news in print and digital media.

Every once in a while, we need to remind ourselves that there are positive and happy things around us. To start the year off on a bright note, I decided to create a list of the 10 things that make me happy. I suggest you, dear reader, make a similar list and maybe even share it with your best friend or significant other. It’s fun and most importantly, forces us to recognize that there are things to appreciate, enjoy and be happy about in our lives. So here goes…

1. The company of good friends where you share that relaxed familiarity, good-natured ribbing, and easy flow of conversation

2. The satisfaction of a day spent productively – nothing makes me feel more accomplished than having marked off everything on checklist for the day!

3. The excitement of traveling to new, unexplored destinations

4. A damn good glass of red vino

5. The good feeling that lasts all day after you’ve received an unexpected compliment from a friend or stranger. Makes you think, if it feels this good to receive a compliment, wouldn’t it be nice if we returned the favor more often to others?

6. Being recognized and lauded for my efforts professionally (I guess it’s a sort of self-validation that I need!)

7. Making a purchase that ends up being really worth it. Example? My Canon DSLR camera, which I initially hesitated to buy because of its price tag, has turned out to be the gift that keeps giving. Thanks to it, I’ve been able to beautifully capture a thousand precious moments

8. Blogging, when I’m being regular and inspired about it

9. Doing something that’s just for me. Dancing, yoga, reading a real page-turner without interruption, a good afternoon nap, or even going out for a movie by myself, this “personal well-being therapy” works to recharge and refresh every time!

10. Spontaneous hugs, kisses, and cuddles from my son - the truest, most unaffected showing of love that never fails to melt my heart

Speaking of happiness and my son, I took the little kiddo to the Singapore Zoo this weekend thinking he would love the experience. No such luck. He seemed unenthused the whole time I was excitedly pointing out animals like the tiger, monkeys, elephants, and giraffes. The only time he actually broke into a smile and started flapping his arms excitedly was when he saw an insignificant bird fly by. Point to note: the bird was not part of the zoo. *Sigh* Kids…

At the zoo - the smiling mother and the unenthused child
See what I did there? I wore a leopard-print top to the zoo! 
Keeping it casual and practical for a day out at the zoo
The proboscis monkey with its large schnauzer, definitely one of the most awkward-looking animals at the zoo
The peacock with its rich, colorful feathers. Easily the most beautiful animals we saw at the zoo
The white tiger got the prize for most regal animal

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  1. Welcome back..such a lovely post.
    Baby K looks adorable, but his mommy definitely steals the show.
    Happy New Year.


    1. Thanks Aditi! Feels good to be back! :)
      Hope I can keep the momentum going.

  2. Happy New year, so awesome to see your posts. The gift that keeps giving, tell me about it, i've been having this hesitation to buy some stuff. but your sentence just sort of sealed the deal for me. :) you look fab

    1. Thanks so much! Let me know how it goes with the camera purchase!

  3. Lovely post .... written from heart... :)



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