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Pink Flamingo

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Henderson Waves is the tallest and probably the most unique pedestrian bridge in Singapore. Mimicing the shape of an undulating wave, it passes through a lush green belt and connects two major parks that sit atop a hill. It took a while for me to figure out exactly how to access the bridge. But once I did, I was rewarded with an unobstructed and spectacular view of the island. Due to the unique wave-like design of this bridge, there are lots of quiet corners and hidden recesses...ideal for cozying up with a book or enjoying some chill time with family and friends. I did see lots of brave souls jogging up the hill to cut across the bridge as well, so this bridge isn't just for the lazy. :)

Photography credit to the talented Dee. You can check out her photography at adinanur.wix.com/deennaphotography.com and on Instagram at @deedinna. Thank you so much Dee, it was lovely working with you!
Tank top: Gap / Shorts: Zara / Blazer: F21 / Layered necklaces and rings: Jolie & Deen / Clutch (pictured below): Kate Spade

Henderson Wave Bridge

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  1. I love the colours here, you looking so pretty in here (like always). I love this area but ofcos haven't been there ;)

  2. Oh my gosh...i love this outfit.
    U r like the coolest person I know. U look fabulous.



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