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Summer Nautical

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I've always been fond of the nautical look - the combination of stripes, whites and blues just come together in such a chic and classic way. On a visit to the National Museum of Singapore this weekend, I went into the summer nautical mode by pairing my cropped striped tee with navy blue palazzo pants. This gorgeous building with its elegant Victorian windows and grand entryways served as the perfect backdrop!

Of course, my trip to the museum wasn't just about picture-taking from the outside! I actually stepped inside and spent a few lovely hours getting lost in the interesting exhibits on display. I'm not one who craves museums or seeks them out. But once I'm there, I usually get drawn into a different world. This time was no different - the exhibit on "700 Years of Singapura" brought to life the history and multi-ethnic origins of this country. The "50 Made in Singapore Products" exhibit leads you through the decades of many known and trusted brands, such as Tiger Brand, Tiger Beer, and Bata, that made their manufacturing start in Singapore. Quite enjoyed the vintage items on display there. Later, I enjoyed a nice cuppa at the indoor museum cafe, soaking in the natural light filtering in through the glass rooftop.

If you haven't visited the National Museum of Singapore yet, I would certainly encourage you to spend a weekend afternoon doing so. There are lots of activities geared towards toddlers and kids as well, so it makes for a fun family outing!

Photography credit to Karnan (www.luminosity-pictures.tumblr.com).

Cropped tee: F21 | Pants: Jaspal | Shoes: VNC | Necklace: Zara |
Purse: Coach | Sunglasses: Charles & Keith

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  1. Hey beautiful..i love the backdrop and ur outfit is so cool and classy.
    M good...how have u been? Any India plans yet?
    Special compliments to the photographer.



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