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Helix Bridge

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Across Singapore's skyline lie many recognizable landmarks - the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Esplanade, and the ArtScience Museum, to name a few. Even though it is thereabouts, the Helix Bridge may be somewhat easy to miss. But get up close and the design and architectural features of this bridge will pique your interest...well, enough for you to pull out your iPhone and take a few shots at least!

For science geeks like me, the Helix Bridge will look familiar. It is designed to resemble the structure of DNA, aesthetically bringing to life the double strands of DNA that wind together to look like a helix. For the urbanite in me, the bridge offers an excellent vantage point to see the Singapore skyline and its key landmarks. For the photographer in me, the bridge and its surroundings provide interesting angles and views to capture.

The challenge? How to photograph this place without the constant herd of people! Well, I decided to sacrifice my beauty sleep to get here at 7:30am on a Sunday morning. Except for the occasional jogger, the bridge was fairly deserted. I quickly managed to take a few pictures and soak in the peace and quiet. What I didn't expect was the flock of Chinese tourists with their tour group flags to suddenly stampede this bridge shortly thereafter. Indeed, within an hour of my reaching, the Helix Bridge was back to its usual self with morning walkers, joggers, and tourists. Luckily, I had completed what I had set out for just in the nick of time.

Singapore's Helix Bridge on an early Sunday morning 
Two piece ensemble: Lowrys Farm | Necklace: Santorini
Shoes: Bombay shopping | Ring: Jaipur shopping | Bracelets: Amrita Singh | Purse: YSL
The lotus pond in front of the Marina Bay Shopping Center

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