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How to Rock a Crop Top

By October 25, 2015 , , , , , , , ,

As with any new fad, it took me a while to warm up to the crop top. I'll admit my biggest concern with this anxiety-inducing, stomach-baring item of clothing was, "I don't have flat abs! The crop top will only make my belly bulge show!" But then I realized two key things to rocking a crop top, no matter what your body type. 

The first realization was that a crop top actually brings attention to the narrowest part of your middle-section. That's the part between your ribcage and your waist. If you want to carry off a crop top effortlessly, try pairing it with a high-waisted bottom of some sort. Whatever tummy fat you may have is usually hidden with skirts or pants worn just a smidge higher, just at or below the navel. This serves to reduce the gap between where the crop top ends and where the said pant or skirt begins. So less skin show and more accentuating of the waist! Well, at least that's how I decided to style it and make it work for me.

The second more empowering realization was, "Who the heck cares! I'm going to embrace this crop top idea and just go with it. Don't people of all shapes and sizes wear stomach-baring saris all over India? So what's the big deal with this crop top thing then?" So there you have it, my moment of epiphany. I get them once in a while...

By the way, how was much was this skater park where the pictures were taken? Somerset Skate Park has rad grafitti art which is ever changing so that every time you come, there's something new to see. Oh and beware of flying skateboarders.

Crop top: Sheinside | Fringe necklace: Baublebar | High waist harem pants: H&M |
Sunglasses & sneakers: Bangkok street shopping

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  1. Love the outfit...it is indeed chic n super comfy.
    Unfortunately i haven't embraced the crop top trend yet, because of my Pot belly. Even your tips of rocking a crop top for the not so flat tummy wont work for me. :(


  2. The post is amazing! Have a nice weekend:)



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