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How to Style a White Dress

By October 13, 2015 , , , ,

If you haven't already heard, the white dress is the new black dress. Personally, I find myself always drawn to white dresses simply because they make you feel so ethereal and fresh. The beauty of a white dress lies in its versatile color. I see it as a blank canvas on which you can layer additional clothing and accessories like pieces of art! Be it a short summer dress or a maxi, the possibilities of how to style a white dress are endless.

Here are a few ideas of how to make yourself stand out in that white dress:

1. Go for the black & white contrast. Pair that short white dress with edgy black boots or a black purse. You can see how I did it here in a previous post.

2. Go for a monochromatic look. Mix colors from the same family - ivory, beige, and browns work together to create a classic style. Try to mix textures to make the look more visually interesting.

3. Add splashes of color against the backdrop of the white dress. That's what I did below to make this look my own.

4. Pair it with denim. If it's a dress, throw on a denim jacket with a sleeveless white dress. If you're a guy, you can wear your crisp white shirt with jeans. Scroll down further for examples provided by my son and husband!
Dress: Sheinside.com | Wood bangles: Amrita Singh | Tassel Bracelets: Accessory Concierge |
Rings: Crazy & Co; Poshlocket | Purse: Nine West
Baby and husband making an appearance and showing you how to style your whites!
Going for the slightly boho look with these accessories and pops of color! 
What can I say? I have a flair for drama!

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  1. What a beautiful post! You look straight o of a dream. N it was great to see Baby K in the post too.



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