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Floppy Hat + Jumpsuit at Marina Barrage

By November 09, 2016 , , , , ,

Well, folks...the dust is only now starting to settle from the shocking news we were dealt with today. It's a historic day indeed...I never believed that I would actually see Donald Trump being elected as president. But the American people have spoken and he did get elected. I'm still grappling with the news. I and many others were not Trump supporters but now, the American people and the world have to accept this result. I can only hope that Donald Trump the President is different from Donald Trump the bigot who spewed hateful rhetoric during the campaign these last few months. I can only wish that he works to bring the country and its people together and rule the country with a rational mind and a noble heart, with dignity and grace. Fast forward four years from now, I hope that we can all look back and say, "Well, it wasn't so bad. He did alright!" Fingers crossed (tightly).

On a lighter note, I wore this navy blue jumpsuit with a floppy hat on a recent outing to Marina Barrage. It's a wide clearing on a slope near the oceanfront in Singapore where lots of people come to fly kites and have picnics. I took Krishnav there with the intent to show him the kites and to give him open space to run around and play. Unfortunately, it started raining that afternoon so we had to cut things short. Nevertheless, it's a great location to visit because you get an outstanding view of the ocean on one side and the Singapore skyline on the other!

Navy Blue Jumpsuit from Lulu's | Atalanta sandals and rope bangles frrom Ammos Accessories | Hat from Bankgok street shopping | Purse from Nine West | Double heart tag pendant from Tiffany's and stained glass necklace from Venice, Italy | Belt from Target

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