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Realities of Pregnancy

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I'll be honest with you: pregnancy isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Probably not an earth-shattering proclamation but it's a good reality check to hear it from a real person's perspective, right? So often women get swept up with the aura built around pregnancy and motherhood from social media, magazines, websites, and pregnant celebrities who make it seem like rainbows and butterflies. Yes of course it's a blessing, a beautiful, cherishable, and life-altering experience for a woman. But it's also one of the more challenging phases that a woman goes through. All pregnancies are different and some may experience an easier time than others. But regardless, cooking a bun in the oven is no walk in the park. Pregnant women may experience morning sickness, nausea, fatigue that can sap the life out of you, discomfort from bodily aches and pains, gestational diabetes, sciatica, stress incontinence, mood swings, aversion to certain foods, etc. And yet, we soldier on and power through this phase. We still pick ourselves up and go to work, manage our households, fulfill our familial responsibilities, and maintain our social networks - all the while, withstanding any discomfort we may be facing from the pregnancy and the resulting changes in our body. It's a credit to the emotional, physical, and mental strength that we are capable of dealing with.

So what actions have I taken to make this pregnancy as smooth as possible (or as bearable as possible)? I find that going through a pregnancy is easier when you put yourself in a better state of mind. This may sound a lot like general life rules to live by but I just want to be positive and don't dwell on the stressors and negativity around me. I've made a conscious effort to continue staying physically active by going on walks, climbing stairs, doing yoga, and exercising appropriately. I've tried really hard to eat healthier than I normally do while still allowing some indulgences (my weakness is sweets and desserts). I'm doing simple things that make me happy, like taking time out for my morning cuppa chai, baking, blogging, shopping, reading...and lastly, doing my best to look good while pairing it with big heels and an even bigger grin on my face. :)

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  1. Pregnancy is so hard! I thought I would love it after struggling with infertility. But it was incredibly challenging. And I had a textbook good pregnancy! That said, I'm ready to do it again! lol. So worth it.

  2. Ur posts r always so real and insightful. U look fabulous n i dont know how u can still walk in those heels...so kudos to u.



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