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Mogra Designs' Embroidered Swing Dress

By April 19, 2017 , , , , ,

Who says you can't doll up during your pregnancy? I'm a huge fan of this dress from Mogra Designs and love the details - the bright color, the gold sequins, and the pom poms! I actually got this dress several months ago but somehow, even during my pregnant state, I'm managing to fit into it. Because it's a loose, open swing dress, it works for all different body shapes and sizes - apparently even pregnant ones! Haha!

In general, I really like Mogra Designs for their collection of fusion wear using traditional Indian garments and prints that are locally sourced and handcrafted. The combination of Indian aesthetics, like the sequins, embroidery and vibrant fabric colors, combined with modern cuts and designs really appeals to me. You could easily wear this outfit for a dressy daytime or evening event.

You can see in the pictures below that I was having real fun swinging around in this dress!

Mogra Design Embroidered Swing Dress (link here) | Shoes from Bangkok | Clutch from India | Earrings from Lovisa 

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  1. Love this post, love the dress and love the bump.
    Stay blessed.


  2. Beautiful. The colour and the background

    1. Thank you so much! The location is at Chijmes, in Singapore, which used to be an old church. It provided the perfect white backdrop to this dress, didn't it? :)

  3. The colour is stunning on you! Such a cute prego :)


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