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Brunch with the Horses

By May 28, 2017 , , , , , , , , , ,

It's not often that we get to be up close to nature and animals in the urban cities we live in. Mother's Day already passed two weeks ago but I'm still fondly remembering the family brunch we had at Rider's Cafe. The cafe is located in a unique spot, removed from the urban city area and amidst lush greenery. Located right next to the Bukit Timah Saddle Club, Rider's Cafe is a fantastic place to have a weekend brunch while overlooking the green slopes and open spaces. I also love coming here because there's something to keep kids entertained. They can get free pony rides, walk around the stables and feed the horses standing lazily about. The horses have the cutest names too, like Muffin, Soldier, and Frosty!

Dress from India | Purse from Calvin Klein | Earrings from Lovisa | Sunglasses from Ralph Lauren
Smiling away as he enjoys his ride on Lily the Pony
All smiles after his delicious brunch and pony ride!

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  1. Aww love the pony ride. Krishnav looks so happy and your dress is so pretty. Love the detail!

  2. Love the pony ride! Super cute! And I love your dress- you look great!

  3. Krishnav is such a cutie...n u r such a grt mom.



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