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Pregnancy Style: How to Make Non-Maternity Clothes Work for You

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You guys, maxi dresses are the best when you're preggers! I got this Island Shop dress (not maternity, mind you) during my first trimester when my bump was barely showing. But I bought the dress in a bigger size, knowing well that it'll be handy later down the road when all other clothing will refuse to fit me! Sure enough, during the final stages of my third trimester, this dress has become a closet staple. It's made of a light fabric which is super breathable and comfy - an important distinction in this humid, tropical weather in Singapore! Island Shop (locations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand) has a nice collection of casual and beach wear that embodies the tropical, island style. I've been able to get mileage out of this maxi dress at work by pairing it with a structured denim jacket, for evening dinners with heels and a nice clutch, and for casual weekend wear with cute sandals. The best part? Since it isn't a maternity dress, I can still wear it after the baby arrives! Win-win.

By the way, this dress isn't the only non-maternity item of clothing that I've been making work for me. I have 2 pairs of regular jeans from Zara that I purchased at bigger sizes and I wear them with a belly band (see here and here).  I got a white top from Forever 21 which I wear often for work (paired with a blazer) or casually outside of work (see post here). Then the pink embroidered dress from Mogra Designs is another example (see post here). They are still wearable and comfortable even at this late stage in my pregnancy.

So bottom line for making non-maternity clothes work for you? Pick items that you foresee as being closet staples. Then buy them at a size bigger than your current state. A-line or roomy dresses, blazers, jeans, and loose tops are articles of clothing you will potentially wear throughout your pregnancy...so you don't always need to specifically shop from a maternity store for them. Just make sure they suit your body shape and don't make you appear like you're wearing a tent. Pregnancy is no excuse for looking frumpy! Lastly, these clothes can always be adjusted post-pregnancy with tailoring, as needed.

Thank you Kamana from SocialandStyle for patiently taking these pictures for me! :)

Dress, belt, and bracelet by Island Shop | Shoes by Charles & Keith |
Crossbody purse by Coach | Sunglasses by Emporio Armani | Watch by Kate Spade

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  1. such a cute maxi dress ! you look stunning.


  2. Such a great print. Pregnancy agrees with you :)

    ❥ tanvii.com

  3. Love the dress! And loved getting dressed being pregnant when you're proud to show off all your bumps! :)

  4. Love the dress...n love ur maternity style.



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