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Make Your Year Count

By January 21, 2018

The start of a new year provides the opportunity for us to set the "refresh" button and mark new beginnings, hopes, and aspirations for ourselves for the 365 days that lie head. But often, as we march deeper into the year, we begin to get bogged down with stress, work pressure, familial and social obligations, and what not. Despite our best intentions, the fresh outlook we once had at the start of the year starts to dim. 

This year I decided I didn't want to get stuck in that cycle again. It's important to slow down every now and then and take stock of the happenings in our life. Every few months, I want to put the "pause" button and self-reflect: What's going well? What's not working out for me? Why can be done better in my life? Keep going with the good stuff, eliminate the crap. So that when I look back at the year gone by, I can measure it in terms of the laughter and smiles, successes big and small, and good times spent with family and friends that matter. I don't want to look back and measure my year in terms of tears, time spent worrying or complaining, or wishing i had done this or that. I know it's easy to say but I hope to genuinely put this thought into action!

What about you? How do you plan to make your year count? 
Zara jeans and duster | Blouse from Storets.com (this blouse is not available anymore but similar ones on site) | Miu Miu Club purse | Shoes from Charles & Keith | Armani sunglasses

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  1. Gorgeous outfit n a beautiful note to start the year.



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