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Being The Second Child Parent

By February 12, 2018 , , , ,

Remember when you had your first kid? You'd go to Dr Google for every little thing, from what it meant if your baby didn't drink enough milk to the meanings of different colors of poop. You'd obsess over their sleep schedule or lack thereof. You'd drop everything and run to your baby if they so much as sneezed or let out a whimper. You had the desire and enthusiasm to take your 6-month old to all sorts of classes - music, dance, baby gym - to instill early childhood learnings and raise a genius child. As a first time parent, you were full of vigor and anxiety at the same time, trying to do your best and praying it was good enough.

But the "second child parenting approach"? Oh, it's a different ballgame! I have less of the anxiety and uncertainty about things that came with being a first time parent. I feel more in control and at the same time, have learned to let go a bit more (and honestly, who even has the time to sweat the small stuff with two kids?). I'm not constantly worrying about my baby's sleep routine and whether he'll ever grow out of his 4-month sleep regression going on month 7 (he will, eventually). If he's crying, I know the world won't collapse if I let him cry a little more while I finish up something I was doing. Oh and that "no salt, no sugar" rule for one year thing? I've totally thrown that out the window. Even going back to work was easier this time around. I had less of the emotional baggage with leaving my kid at home. Raising a child isn't any less hard but what has changed is my perspective.

For you new moms out there, believe me that it does get easier. For the more seasoned parents, how is it like for you?

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