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Cocktails Wars

By February 13, 2012 , , , , , ,

So I had bought tickets to an event called the "Winter Cocktail Wars" back in early January to cheer myself up when the weather was bleak and cold and I was suffering from post-holiday blues...Yes, I know how lame that sounds. But the event sounded interesting and seemed like a good deal -- $40 to see two mixologists duel it out for the best cocktails concoctions as we, the audience, got to sample their creations and vote for the best one. The opportunity to try several different cocktail drinks with appetizers in a lounge? I'm so there!

Aztec Chocolate Bitters as a cocktail ingredient
The competing bartender at work!
Triple fisting!
I ended up having a great time with my friends! The mixologists/bartenders used unique ingredients to come up with their signature drinks, for example ice-cream with Prosecco or hot sauce, beer, and a Bloody Mary mix. Some combinations worked, some didn't. But overall, it was a fun night...and it sure helped beat the winter blues! 

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  1. sounds like a great night!xx



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