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Beauty & Essex

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One Saturday morning, the Urban Mantra sisters and a couple of friends decided to get brunch at the Lower East side. With so many options, we struggled to pick a place. We eventually settled on Beauty & Essex and…hallelujah! We were able to get reservations just a day in advance! Considering that dinner reservations at Beauty & Essex are next to impossible to get (you have to call a month in advance or be prepared to accept a dinner rez at 5pm), we got pretty lucky with a spot for brunch. If you’ve never been, Beauty & Essex has an interesting set-up. Upon entering, you appear to be in what looks like a pawn shop with charming, old-fashioned trinkets and collectibles. But don’t let that fool you into thinking you’re in the wrong place…

After admiring the pretty brooches and rings on display in the pawn shop, we made our way past a set of double doors which led into a strikingly different setting. Warm, glowing lights, a spiral staircase, and a lavish d├ęcor greeted us inside the main restaurant. The menu offerings were just as unexpected and enjoyable. Though prices were a little steep and the portions for some dishes on the smaller side, these limitations were quickly made up by the taste of the food. We HIGHLY recommend the warm, melt-in-your-mouth blueberry scones (we ordered two rounds of these!) and the kale and apple salad. As for drinks, nothing says summery and refreshing like the Platinum Peacock made from cucumbers, apples, and mint! Check out some pictures from our sumptuous meal there.

Needless to say, we had a lovely experience at Beauty & Essex and are now trying to get reservations to check out the night scene there. Unless of course, we settle for the night scene at 5pm…

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  1. That looks like a great place. Lot of character. wonderfully captured in words

  2. Thanks Megha! When you come to NYC next, I'll take you there! :)

  3. That looks delish! Can we meet up for brunch here when Neeta and I are in town? :)

  4. Sure Pritam! Let's decide a date first and there's plenty of places we can o for! :)


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