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The Jazz Age

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Midnight in Paris was a whimsical film, delving into themes of nostalgia of a bygone era – the roaring ‘20s, as they call it. Like Owen Wilson in the movie, I too sought a temporary escape from the modern age into the 1920s and ‘30s. I have always been attracted by that period in time – which is why I have a fascination with speakeasies and the sets of Sleep No More, oddly enamored by flapper girl Halloween outfits, have an unfulfilled love for jazz, and an appreciation for Hemmingway and Fitzgerald. And perhaps that is why I enjoyed my Sunday SO MUCH. 

Yes, I did have a point – the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island. It was a delightful outdoor event, spent listening to upbeat jazz notes, watching dancers do the Charleston, admiring the dapper damsels and fellas in costume, and browsing stalls with vintage clothing and boutique hats. It was the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. Don’t blame me if I never come back to 2012…

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  1. Lovely pictures!! I too love this bygone era and adore flapper dresses! I wish everyone thought it was ok to wear a headband with a feather in it!! * sigh* Incidentally, Midnight in Paris was my fave movie last year and I was looking up where they got the costumes from - some of them are true vintage pieces that they travelled to Paris and Buenos Aires to buy! What a cool job that would be...

    1. Hi Tanya! Thanks for your comments! Totally agree with you about the flapper dresses and feathered headbands - seriously, why can't we roam around like that? lol...By the way, that's really cool about the vintage pieces in the movie!


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