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Into the Frying Pan

By July 09, 2012 , , , , , , ,

With temperatures getting dangerously close to 100 degrees this weekend, all I wanted to do was hide in my air-conditioned apartment, free from the scorching heat and the unpleasant odors that pervade the city in the summers. But that would have been lame – summer is the time to be outside, even if your skin and olfactory senses get burned in the process. Luckily, the Frying Pan ended up being the ideal daytime hangout spot! Docked at Pier 66 along the Westside Highway, Frying Pan is a historic ship that was salvaged and then converted into a bar and grill. Give me some booze and burgers, and I’m a happy woman. Give me a shaded seating spot with a waterfront breeze, and I’m even happier.

The Frying Pan is definitely different from your usual bar/restaurant. The boat is docked on a railroad car barge, which means you have to walk over railroad tracks to enter the boat. The boat itself is steeped in a long, adventurous history, which adds to the ambiance and sense of charm about the place. There are also different levels on the boat with several nooks and corners for sitting or standing. Add to that a view of the Hudson, and you can literally end up sitting there for hours and going through pitchers of beer or sangria….and that’s just what we did!
Hope everyone had a great weekend too! What summer activity did you do?

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