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Shopping in SoHo and the Lower East Side

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With July 4th around the corner, I’m sure there are plenty of rooftop BBQs, pool parties, and time with family and friends on the social calendar over the course of this week. If shopping is on your list and you’re looking to go off the beaten path (ie, no Macy’s madness or messy piles of clothes to sort through at stores like H&M, Zara, or Forever 21), then how about making a shopping trip through some of the city’s local stores and boutiques? 

One of my favorite ways to spend the day off is wandering through the neighborhoods of the Lower East Side and SoHo. Both neighborhoods are located close to each other so your “trek” can cover both areas. Here’s a walking & shopping route that I’ve mapped below based on what I did recently.

You can embark on your shopping expedition at the Lower East Side at the corner of Stanton and Essex and make your way west, ending in SoHo on Prince Street. There are some adorable boutiques along the way. Here are some which I have known about for a while and some which I’ve recently discovered: (Please note that I am not associated with any of the stores listed below. They are based on my personal preferences and are simply suggestions of places to visit.)

Lower East Side
Annabelle: decent collection of clothes but really unique and edgy jewelry pieces
Yumi Kim: sheer silk blouses in bright, summery colors and gorgeous cocktail rings
Pixie Market: killer shoes and other trendy apparel
Delicate Raymond Jewelry Bar: dainty, vintage-looking pieces of jewelry over a wide range of prices. I didn’t know this but a lot of stars wear jewelry by this designer. Delicate Raymond on Orchard Street is a pop-up store which will be around until mid-August so I’d suggest checking them out soon!

- Nolan: cute summer dresses, including the high-low mullet ones which are all the rage, in an affordable price range
- Pinkyotto: all the summer must-haves are here with tops, shorts, and skirts in bright colors and prints. Their leopard print blouse and polka dot skirt (among other things) really caught my eye when I was there a couple weeks ago!
- Street fair along Prince Street: great place to pick up items here as a tourist or otherwise. You’ll find mostly jewelry and accessories on display. There’s one stall which I really like that sells T-shirts with funny images and witty one-liners
Without having an idea of where to go, wandering through the Lower East Side and SoHo can turn into an exercise in frustration. I know I’ve tried to do something similar in the past only to end up lost and confused as to where I was! So I hope this helps you the next time you’re looking for a more authentic (and targeted) shopping experience in these neighborhoods. Happy 4th, everyone!

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  1. Now that's a useful post! I shall take this along for my next trip there.

    Thansk for the comment on my blog. Follwoing you guys now.


  2. Thanks Ramya, glad this might be of some use for your next trip to NYC! :)

  3. I always love new suggestions about my city. Must go check these places out!!

  4. I should just move to NYC!

  5. Am planning a trip there soon...will definitely have to stop at these places!

  6. Love the glitter boots haha! :-) I'll sure keep these places in mind for when I'll ever go to NYC! I'd love to go there!

    xo Saskia!


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