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Cheers to Inauguration Day

By January 22, 2013 , , , , ,

Today was Inauguration Day for President Obama in Washington DC. While many of my friends in other cities did not get MLK Day off today, all of DC was literally shut down in observance of the holiday and more importantly, the presidential inauguration! The city has been gearing up for this event for the last several days, with dozens of inauguration-themed parties, politically-inspired celebrities descending into the city (Mario Lopez was at my favorite club y’all!), and bleachers and fences set up along the National Mall. I spent the last few days debating whether I should face the bitter cold and head to the National Mall to watch the inauguration unfold live, or watch it in the comfort and warmth of my own home. In the end, my friends and I decided to brave the cold weather to experience the momentous occasion live, and we’re so glad we did! As a DC resident who lives just a short walk away from where the event was held, I suppose it would have been blasphemous to not have taken advantage of this opportunity.

While the event was not as highly attended as four years ago when Obama was elected for his first term presidency, there was still an electric energy in the air. It seemed that, for the time being, everyone pushed aside whatever doubts they may have had about the country’s political and economic future to just enjoy the momentous occasion. The hope for change and new beginnings that was so palpable four years ago was revived once more.   Along with a million other people today, I got to watch Obama and Biden take their oaths and make history. As the crowd burst into cheer and applause when President Obama and Vice-President Biden appeared on stage, I could not help but feel a sense of excitement and hope as well! 

Vendors selling souvenirs and ridiculous inauguration favors kept things amusing! 

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  1. Unlike you I watched it on TV! BTW, I visited DC some days back and i totally loved the place!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours


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