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Tips On How To Survive A Shopping Ban

By January 16, 2013 , , , ,

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A shopping ban? And tips on how to survive it? Gosh, it's as if we're talking about the apocalypse or something! While a shopping ban is nothing so serious, it should be taken seriously should you accept the challenge (read about it in the previous post here). And accept I did, along with a few other fellow bloggers who are in this  together. I'm proud to say that I have refrained from making any needless purchases since the start of the year and so far, it’s going well thanks to a few changes that I have adopted. To all of you who are doing the shopping ban or plan to do it in the future, here are a few tips that seem to be working for me. These tips can also be easily applied to those of you who simply want to curb shopaholic tendencies. :)

As an example of tip #3, below are 2 pictures of me wearing the same dress but styled differently. The first picture is of a lace dress that I wore last summer. The second picture is of the same dress that I wore recently with some modifications to make it winter-friendly. Now I don't claim to be a style guru by any means. But hopefully this gives you an example of what you can do with reinventing items in your own closet!
Dress Barn petite lace dress; F21 belt; purse from Terminal 21 in Bangkok; Steve Madden flats
Dress Barn petite lace dress; Old Navy black full sleeve tee; belt from Terminal 21 in Bangkok; Charlotte Russe tights; Target booties; Coach purse 

Follow Urban Mantra for future updates and pictures regarding the shopping ban. If you wish you join in on the shopping ban, visit this post by Tanvi from The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and InFamous.

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  1. The new layout of the site looks fantastic you guys!!! Kudos! yeah, yeah, yeah - and good for you on your "shopping ban" (gosh - it was even hard to say that :) )

  2. A shopping ban is a brilliant idea!
    Newest follower :)

  3. Great post !! Shopping ban...cannot survive w/o shopping :)

    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  4. this was so awesome!! i'm trying to do one and it's almost the equivalent of pulling teeth. i like your tips, especially the one where you make a list of your essentials. about a year ago i thought i'd die if i didnt have a fur vest, and when i finally bought one i almost never wore it. so fickle hearted!

    one of my favorite things about a spending ban though (other than all the extra money in your savings account!) is getting creative. i've made such cool outfits by really testing myself and having to reach for things i've forgotten

  5. I think that to survive this ban period we could all do something which we have been keeping on cards for a while and haven't had the time to ponder over these past few months. For example, I am thinking of joining the gym and pilates, so that by the end of my 2 month ban, I am a happier and healthier person. Bonus is that I would be in a better shape for the summers. All in all, I am aiming to make this ban a lifestyle-changing decision!
    Good luck y'all.

  6. I started a shopping ban this week, with the goal of saving more money this year for a new car. What a great post on all the ways to survive it, and bringing to mind that it shouldn't be such a big deal. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Less is definitely more.Good luck on the shopping ban!

  8. these dresses looks so flattering on you ! I so wanted to do this shopping ban ! couldn't hop in as there are way too many weddings this season ! Maybe next time, but these tips can be put to action even when one is not on a ban !xoxo
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !
    BTW, I have an Ongoing Giveaway on my blog, and would love if you entered
    Enter $80 Giveaway By Msdressy

  9. I just found your blog! And I love this post. I've been trying to do this, but failing :(
    But I have become more conscious of my $ and what items I do buy and don't (If I cant create at least three outfits and if its something I have been wanting for at least 2+ months then I get it). Thank you for the tips! Following you :)


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