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Cambodia: What to Wear

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You're traveling to Cambodia, a hot destination in Southeast Asia. And I mean literally hot! What are some useful tips on what to carry for your travels? Recently, I visited Siem Reap in Cambodia to tour the Angkor temples, ancient ruins from a Khmer empire that flourished centuries ago. As excited as I was about the trip, I braced myself. The fact that most of my time would be spent outdoors sight-seeing around the Angkor temples meant long periods of sun exposure and heat discomfort. Accordingly, I prepared well in anticipation for this sort of weather and managed to keep the heat situation bearable. Below are some simple tips on what to wear and how to prepare for a visit to Siem Reap that can go a long way to making a big difference:

1. You want to wear light, minimal clothing while remaining moderately conservative. Keep your cultural sensitivities in check while entering what many consider holy ground (despite the fact that many of these temples are in ruins) by avoiding clothing that bares too much. I stuck to light-colored clothing, airy tops, and comfortable flip-flops.

2. Wear a hat to protect your head from overexposure from the heat. Oh and sunglasses, of course!

3. Bring a comfortable bag in which to hold your stuff - either a backpack or a crossbody bag (I chose the later). Now is not the time to bring the sort of purses you sling in the crook of your arm. You want to be comfortable and have your arms available for lots of climbing and walking up stairs. Trust me.

4. Carry a parasol/umbrella if you're so inclined (I did and it made a huge difference).

5. Wear light makeup - a tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, and a lipstick. Done! Anything more and the makeup will start to run in this sauna and that never looks good.

6. Bring cool, moist towelettes - they are a great way to stay refreshed during a full day of active walking and physical activity.

7. This is a no-brainer but do remember to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated with lots of water.

8. Most importantly, wear a camera around your neck so that you're ready to capture the unique visions around you!

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