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Chinese New Year in Singapore

By February 20, 2015

It's great to be able to see how Chinese New Year is truly celebrated...or at least how it's done in Singapore. Weeks before the actual holiday, decorations were put up, storefronts got a facelift with new displays, Chinese New Year goodies hit the shelves everywhere, and anything and everything red popped up! I've really enjoyed being able to experience it and learning about how this festival is celebrated. For example, did you know that among the rituals to usher in the new year is to do a thorough cleaning of the house, change the bedding to red-colored bedsheets, and decorate the house with prosperity oranges to invite good luck and positive energy?

Just a few days before the long CNY weekend, I took a stroll around Chinatown and soaked in the festivities and colorful decorations. If you go in the evenings, it's even more beautiful with all the Chinese lanterns lit up along the streets.

As the year of the goat/ram comes upon us, I wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year!

Street intersection at Chinatown with rams leaping into the new lunar year
Chinese lanterns sweep above the city streets. When lit up at night, they are even more striking
Prosperity oranges
Baked goods, cookies, and candies that take over the shops for Chinese New Year
Decorative lanterns
Walk through the crowded lanes of Chinatown and you're sure to catch a glimpse of the shophouse facades
A close-up of the charming vintage shophouses of Chinatown

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