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Modern Take on Ethnic Prints

By April 26, 2016 , , ,

When I had visited Mumbai last December, I had done a lot of shopping - Indian wear, Western dresses with ethnic prints, dhoti pants, funky jewelry, colorful sequined purses, etc. I had a ball shopping during that trip! But when I came back, I somehow forgot about my purchases and over the next few months, they just sat in the back of my closet. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do them justice! So this past weekend, I decided to pull out one of my Mumbai purchases. I wore this yellow dress from Fab India on a recent stroll through the scenic Kallang Reservoir. The dress is light and breezy, just ideal for the kind of oppressive weather we're experiencing in Singapore at the moment.

Kallang Resevoir is a mini oasis just a few minutes away from my house. I often go running along the reservoir. Along the way, the sight of leaning coconut trees, green open space, and cozy picnic spots is always so pleasing to see. This past weekend, I made a mental note to organize a  little picnic there with my friends and our kids very soon. Perhaps I can finally my dhoti pants during the picnic!

Dress from Fab India | Shoes from VNC Bangkok | Purse from Marc Jacobs | Tassle earrings from Lovisa | Bracelet and ring from street shopping in Mumbai

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  1. Love the dress..u look supercute.


    1. thanks aditi!! you're always full of sweet words for me! really appreciate it.

  2. Could you recommend the places you shopped in Mumbai especially for dhoti pants and trinkets? I am due for a trip there soon. Love the fabindia dress, it looks so cute on you. Can't wait to see how you style the dhoti pants. I got one from biba and they are lying in the back of my cupboard right now.lol

  3. Hey! I found one pair of dhoti pants at Global Desi and another pair during street shopping at Santa Cruz. I'm trying to figure out how to style them myself, I wear them around the house a lot. But trying to figure out a away to create a smart look for outdoors. Will let you know when I do! Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments!

  4. A great comfortable thing to wear this summer. The color is good and stylish with a feel of comfort.

  5. I love Lovisa jewelry & have stocked up so much in the last 8 months of my life in SG. Love the outfit..


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