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Unique Holiday Gifts for Children

By December 22, 2016 , ,

With Christmas fast approaching, the holiday shopping season shows no signs of slowing down. There’s an added touch of excitement and frenzy in the air with people hurriedly making their way to stores to get that last bit of holiday shopping in. If you’re still looking for gift ideas for your kids, nieces, nephews, and friends’ children, don’t worry…it’s not too late! Perhaps you can try gifting something different instead of gravitating to the usual clothing and toy stores. Here are a few unique gift ideas from local businesses that might strike your fancy.

Pic via Good Label
1. A relatively new business started by two women here in Singapore, The Good Label is a company and a social movement that is slowly catching on. With a message of encouraging ethically conscious clothing for kids, the Good Label believes you shouldn’t have to compromise between quality, design, and sustainability. Check out their website for their catalog of baby clothes that are funky and spunky in design – I'm talking navy pirate jumpsuits, shorts with cute dreamcatcher designs, and bowtie singlets. From my own experience, I recently gifted a vintage floral romper to a friend’s newborn baby girl. This infant can now make a fashion statement with her conscious resting easy that her sartorial choices are good for her and for the environment. You’re welcome, child.

My son excited to receive his Josh & Cheri book delivery
2. It’s true what they say – “A book is a gift which you can open again and again.” When it comes to children’s books, you just can’t go wrong. Combine that with the idea of receiving a monthly subscription of curated, age-appropriate books for your child and you have a winner! Someone had gifted my son a 3-month subscription to Josh & Cherie books for his birthday, and I had loved their concept. Every month, my son looks forward to receiving a cute package with 2 picture books inside it. What a way to make books and reading an exciting and pleasurable experience for kids!

3. If you haven’t yet been to the Singapore ArtScience Museum, you’re missing something. A veritable merging of art and science, this museum has unique exhibits year round for adults and children alike. Why not consider gifting tickets for a children’s entry fee ($17) into the museum, which allows access to all the exhibits? My son is obsessed with the Future World exhibit, a permanent installation which takes you on a fantastical journey into a digital and interactive universe. I won’t reveal too much but suffice it to say that kids get absolutely immersed in this place. From my experience, this is appropriate for kids aged at least 2.5-3 years of age and above.

4. Mommy (or Daddy) & me dance classes: This is a great way to spend some fun quality time with your little one or to give that gift to another parent and their child. Groove away with the kiddies and show them the beauty of music and dance! There are several places that do it here in Singapore, most of which cater to kids that are at least 2-3 years of age and above. Some options are Footwork Twinkle Toes which offers summer classes at the Esplanade (jazz, ballet, swing and even Bollywood!), Jazz Cats, and All That Jazz.

5. An indoor climbing theme park in Singapore, you said? Wow, now they really have thought of everything! Clip 'n Climb has 19 colorful climbing challenges to try of varying difficulties, and children as young as six can attempt them. The entrance fees are very reasonably priced for 90 minutes of rocking climbing experience. For kids of a slightly older age group who love an active and stimulating activity, this is definitely worth considering!

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